Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Blog Post

Hello all! Welcome to Musings from the other side. Prepare to enter the mind of a madman...

I'll be updating this blog once weekly with the latest news on all my various projects. I'll show you drawings, 3D graphics and progress reports on a twice weekly webcomic that I write for.

For those interested:

My name is John Jansen, I am an 18 year old college student. I go to the local community college where I study music. Music is just one of many passions of mine. When I'm not studying music I'm either drawing, writing, or working on my latest 3D project. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do for a living at this point - I suppose I'm exploring that right now.

Current struggles include an issue with both my arms, rendering me unable to play guitar or work at the computer for lengthy periods of time, but I can still write and draw. Apparently a medication I was on shut down my liver, and liver is what controls the health of tendons. Anyway, I am recovering in physical therapy right now. We will see what happens.

If anyone is actually reading this, you might want to see some art. Here is a piece of fanart I did for my teachers, Adam Withers and Comfort Love. It is a drawing of a character called Quake, and he is a super hero from their comic, The Uniques.
See their blog HERE

Until next week, peace!

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